5 Reasons to use SCP Australia Certified Practitioners

5 Reasons to use SCP Australia Certified Practitioners


Dealing with contaminated sites?
5 reasons to use SCP Australia Certified Practitioners


1. A scheme developed for Australia

Site Contamination Practitioners Australia (SCP Australia) was developed in close consultation with all stakeholders in the site contamination sector. The scheme is based on an unparalleled understanding of Australian issues, including client needs, required practitioner capabilities, the role of environmental auditors, and relevant regulations. To ensure SCP Australia’s relevance, it is governed by independent representatives from client groups, regulators (Environment Protection Authorities), and consultants.

2. Competent practitioners

All certified practitioners meet six key competencies required to assess and manage a contaminated site project effectively. Each application for certification is reviewed by an assessment panel comprising accredited environmental auditors and senior practitioners.

3. Regulator support

SCP Australia is supported by regulators across Australia. As well as playing a key role in developing and governing the scheme, regulators are able to comment on applicants for certification. You can be confident that SCP Australia practitioners are of good standing, are able to address issues within the regulatory framework, and can deliver the best results for both clients and the environment.

4. Development and professional practice

All certified practitioners undertake a minimum of 50 hours professional development per year. This ensures that their understanding of how to solve site contamination problems remains up to date in a rapidly developing field. All certified practitioners adhere to a code of ethics. Any breach of the code (including for poor performance) is grounds for suspension or other sanctions. SCP Australia manages a complaints and investigation process to ensure all certified practitioners maintain high professional standards.

5. Vision for the future

Operating under an independent charter for decision making and governance, SCP Australia’s development is supported by the Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE). The scheme has been structured to sustain itself financially into the future.

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