Appeals process

Applicants who have been unsuccessful in their application for certification may appeal for a review of the outcome.  Each unsuccessful applicant is provided with feedback on the assessment process and commentary on areas where the assessment committee considered that the applicant did not provide sufficient or appropriate evidence.   This feedback should be considered carefully prior to lodging an appeal.

To submit an appeal, the applicant should provide a written and signed appeal addressed to the SCP Australia Executive Officer, outlining the case for reconsidering the application.  The appeal should address the shortfalls identified in the feedback from the assessment process and provide the grounds for the appeal.

The Chair of the National Executive Committee (NEC) will appoint an expert and experienced person to consider the appeal. To ensure independence from the original assessment decision, the person chosen to consider the appeal will not have been involved in the applicant’s assessment panel.  The person appointed to consider the appeal will provide a recommendation to the NEC, which will decide on the final outcome of the review.

SCP Australia will provide written notification of the outcome of the appeal to the applicant.