Complaints and conduct review procedure

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SCP Australia requires certified practitioners to conduct their activities according to the professional practice standards established by the Scheme and in accordance with the Scheme’s ethical and professional conduct policy. Instances where practitioners may have operated in breach of the professional practice standards or ethical and professional conduct policy may be reported to the SCPA executive officer, who will coordinate an investigation in accordance with the review process outlined below.


Notification of a possible breach of the policy by a certified practitioner should be made by providing a confidential written submission outlining the name of the practitioner and sufficient details of the possible breach to enable a thorough investigation. The notification should be forwarded to the SCPA executive officer together with the name and contact details of the person providing the notification.

Initial review

The executive officer will undertake an initial review of the notification, seek further information regarding the case as appropriate and forward the consolidated information to the NEC for consideration. Where the NEC believes the case may involve a breach of the policy, the NEC will appoint a Panel of one or more members of the NEC (who are clear of any conflicts of interest in the matter) to consider the complaint. They NEC may appoint suitably qualified practitioners who are not members of the NEC to investigate the complaint, where this assists in achieving independence and fairness and avoids potential conflicts of interest in a particular case.

A copy of the complaint will be provided to the practitioner who is the subject of the notification. Normally the practitioner will be advised who has lodged the complaint however the NEC may agree to keep the person’s identity confidential, in exceptional circumstances.  Practitioners are required to fully cooperate with any reviews conducted under this procedure including making relevant reports available to the review process. The practitioner will be asked to provide a written response to the complaint.

Further review

Following receipt of the practitioner’s response, the Panel will consider the evidence provided, seek further evidence where appropriate and will most likely meet with the practitioner where a breach appears to have occurred. The Panel will provide a report of the case and a recommendation for consideration to the NEC.

If it is determined that no further action is required, the executive officer will (at the direction of the National Executive Committee) advise the person who provided the notification of the outcome and reasons for not taking further action.

If the complaint is found to be valid, the National Executive Committee will give consideration to the appropriate action to be taken which may include one or more of the following;

  • A warning to the practitioner together with corrective action required for future activities and / or additional professional development
  • Suspension of certification for a defined period of time
  • Termination of certification

Communication of outcome

The executive officer will provide written notification of the outcome of the review to the practitioner and the person who provided the notification.

The executive officer will prepare an annual statement of the reviews conducted and the outcomes, for publication on the scheme’s website.  The annual summary will provide summary information only and will not include the names of individuals or organisations.


The executive officer will maintain a confidential register of all notifications and their outcomes and will provide an annual report to the National Executive Committee.