Continuing professional development

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Continuing professional development (CPD) is an important component of Certification so as to promote the ongoing improvement and currency of knowledge and skills of practitioners relevant to site contamination practice.  The CPD requirements seek to incorporate a variety of activities that support the competence of practitioners.

To assist practitioners in recording CPD activities, a guide on eligible CPD activities and maximum hours claimable, along with a CPD Diary template has been established. Access the CPD diary template here.


A minimum of 50 hours of CPD, related to your competencies as a practitioner, is required each year.  No more than 20 hours (of the 50) can be allocated to the professional practice competency and travel time is excluded in all instances.

Practitioners seeking to become certified are required to submit a statement of CPD demonstrating 50 hours minimum for the year preceding the application.

The NEC acknowledge that, in some years, additional CPD hours may be accumulated.  To make allowance for this, any additional hours (above the minimum of 50) can be entered into the CPD Diary and will be allowed to carry over for a maximum of two (2) years.  Certified Practitioners who have achieved carry over CPD hours in the previous year are still required to submit a CPD diary as Certification cannot be achieved solely on carry-over hours. This requirement is to ensure that Certified Practitioners continue to address their professional development and that their professional development is ongoing.

The NEC also recognises that there may be some time where periods of extended leave may occur (i.e. sickness, maternity leave).  The NEC will consider applications for exemption, where there is a shortfall in the 50-hour total, on a case-by-case basis.

Types of CPD

Activities eligible for CPD are those that contribute to the development of professional skill and knowledge. The following CPD types have been established.  Further information on eligible CPD activities, and maximum hours claimable, is included in the CPD diary.

Type of CPDConditions
I. Formal post-graduate study or individual tertiary course units not undertaken for award purposesThere is no limit to the maximum number of hours that you can claim for these activities.
II. Short courses, workshops, seminars and discussion groups, conferences, technical tours and technical meetingsThere is no limit to the maximum number of hours that you can claim for these activities.
III. Learning activities in the workplace that extend your area competence baseA maximum of 25 hours of your total CPD in any year may be claimed for these activities.
IV. Private study which extends your knowledge and skillsPrivate study activities such as reading industry journals, can contribute to a maximum of 5 hours of your total CPD in any year.
V. Service to the Contaminated Land Industry professionA maximum of 12 hours of your total CPD in any year may be claimed for these activities.
VI. The preparation and presentation of material for courses, conferences, seminars and symposiaUp to 15 hours per paper may be claimed for papers published in journals and conference proceedings and for the preparation of material for courses not part of your normal employment function (i.e. As a visiting lecturer from industry)
VII. Practitioners employed in tertiary teaching or academic researchCertified Professionals employed in tertiary teaching and/or academic research must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 15 hours of industry involvement in any year.
VIII. Any other structured activities not covered by I to VI above that meet the objectives of the CPD policy. A clear justification will be required.

Access the CPD diary template here.