Use of the SCP Australia seal

Site Contamination Practitioners Australia Certification seal standards guide
SCP Australia manages a certification program for contaminated site practitioners and encourages professionals who have achieved SCP Australia certification to utilise the seal in print and electronic media. By displaying the seal, practitioners are signifying to their constituents that they have met the standards of SCP Australia certification and adhere to its Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. In order to protect the SCP Australia brand it is important certified practitioners must follow these guidelines when using their SCP Australia seal. Practitioners who are not certified under the SCP Australia scheme are not permitted to use the SCP Australia certification seal.

Certification seal unique to the individual
SCP Australia certification is awarded only to an individual who has met all of the requirements for certification and is not transferable between individuals. Each certification is unique and each certification seal has a unique identifier. The use of the Certification seal is also conditional on the practitioner renewing their annual certification subscription and meeting the annual requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). When a practitioner has lapsed either in renewing their annual certification subscription or meeting the annual CPD requirements, they will no longer be entitled to use their SCP Australia certification seal until both of these requirements are met. When a practitioner’s certification seal is used in close proximity with an organisational logo or brand image, the SCP Australia certification seal must be clearly associated with the individual to whom the seal has been awarded rather than the organisation.
Disclosure statement if seal is used in Electronic or print media.
If the SCP Australia seal is used in electronic or print media, the individual to whom the seal is awarded to must be disclosed. The seal itself is the copyright property of SCP Australia and is awarded to the individual for their use under conditions outlined in this document.

How the seal should be displayed
The seal may be proportionally enlarged or reduced to fit the size of the promotion, but the design cannot be altered nor can the font of the seal be changed or any alternations made to colours and logos. The seal can be resized, but care must be taken to ensure the aspect ratio is maintained between the height and width of the seal. The seal can be printed and scanned electronically, used in email signatures and used on reports.
The certified individual’s name must appear with the seal whenever it is used. This can be in association with other corporate logos and information so long as it is clearly associated with the certified individual.
The SCP Australia seal may not be used as a design element of any other logo or trademark.
The SCP Australia seal may not be used in any manner that might disparage or injure the reputation of SCP Australia or any third party.
Where the seal has been awarded to an individual it may be used in the following circumstances;
• For publicity or advertising
• Recruiting materials
• Social networking sites
• Stationery
• Webpage,
• Email signatures
• Reports and other documents providing professional advice

Third party use of the Seal
Where the seal is to be used by a third party with the permission of the individual awarded the SCP Australia certification seal, written approval will also be required from SCP Australia.
SCP Australia may at its sole discretion decided whether the use of the SCP Australia seal has violated these guidelines and may at any time demand the certified individual to stop or alter the use of the SCP Australia certification seal. SCP Australia’s interpretation of the provisions in these guidelines shall be final and conclusive. In case of a dispute, the National Executive Committee, SCP Australia has the authority to make final and binding decisions regarding the SCP Australia seal.

Displaying the SCP Australia seal

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