Business Environment

Business Environment

At present, three schemes with relevance to site contamination practitioners have been developed by:

  1. EIANZ: CEnvP;
  2. Soil Science Australia: CPSS; and

While these schemes aim to deliver certification for the same professional sector, they are seen to be different by the profession, industry as well as regulatory jurisdictions.

CRC CARE and EIANZ considering a single accreditation scheme
Given the concerns raised by many about the existence of different schemes, both CRC CARE and EIANZ have agreed in principle to develop a scheme that merges CEnvP and SCPA: CP SAM. The resulting scheme is intended to address issues that concern the industry sector, professional associations, regulatory jurisdictions and the current members of the existing schemes.

It is understood that Soil Science Australia does not currently wish to participate in the proposal to form a single scheme.

Both EIANZ and CRC CARE have agreed to nominate a working group that will help in developing a single certification scheme for practitioners.

A major consideration for the working group is that the merger is not about SCPA taking over CEnvP or vice versa. Rather, both organisations are seeking development of a scheme that is acceptable to all stakeholders.

Please note that whatever transitional arrangements are developed, the interests of all existing certified members will be protected. SCPA will maintain status quo in terms of processing new applications under its scheme. Applications for Round 11 closed on 30 June 2017. Last date for submitting applications for Round 12 is 30 September 2017.