Number of certified practitioners

At the end of Round 10 (as of 30 June 2017), SCP Australia has 162 subscribers, of which 72 are certified practitioners (CP SAM). State wise details is show in the figure below.     EIANZ has 44 contaminated land specialist (CEnVP) certified through its scheme, approximately 25 of whom operate within Australia....

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Round 8: Applications for certification close on Sept 30, 2016

Round 8 Applications for certification will close on September 30. Further information about submitting an application can be reviewed at: http://scpaustralia.com.au/certification/apply-for-certification/ Information about the scheme, competencies and assessment processes can be found throughout the SCP Australia website are at: http://scpaustralia.com.au/resources/ If you have any particular questions or concerns, please contact admin@scpaustralia.com.au  or call (08) 8302 3933...

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Review of SCP Australia assessments

At the end of June 2016, SCP Australia assessed 32 applications over 6 rounds, with each round running every quarter. The process of assessment takes approximately three months and includes sending out summary lists of applicants to regulators for comment, running assessor workshops, teleconferences for assessment panel meetings and interviews of applicants where required....

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Round 7 closes 30 June 2016

Planning to submit an application for SCP Australia certification soon? Round 7 closes on June 30. Assessment outcomes for Round 7 will be known by the end of September with certification to start from October 1st. If you have any question please contact admin@scpaustralia.com.au...

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ALGA representative appointed to SCP Australia NEC

Site Contamination Practitioners Australia is proud to announce the appointment of Ms Elisabethe Dank, the CEO of ALGA to the National Executive Committee (NEC) SCP Australia. The NEC is the governing body of the SCP Australia certification scheme which meets five to six times a year to monitor the scheme's progress, approve policy and to endorse recommendations for SCP Australia certification. ...

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