Annual subscription fees

Subscription to SCP Australia is available to anyone interested in contaminated site assessment and management industry.

Subscription to SCP Australia is a prerequisite for consideration of Certification.  The annual subscription fee payment is payable by June 30th to ensure currency of subscription for the following year.  Only those individuals with a current subscription to SCP Australia will be able to apply for certification.

Annual subscription fee 
Practitioners & industry professionals$110 (inc.GST)
Full time students$55 (inc. GST)

Certification application fees

All individuals applying for certification will need to pay a non-refundable application fee.

Certification application fees 
Practitioners application fee$880 (inc. GST)
Auditor application fee$220 (inc. GST)


Appeals Fees

Please note that there are fees attached to the appeal which are fully refundable in cases of a successful appeal. Candidates intending to appeal the decision of an assessment are urged to consider feedback provided before taking this step.

Appeals Fess$440 (inc. GST)


Annual certification fee for Certified Practitioners

The Annual certification fee for Certified Practitioners is payable in the year certification is awarded. Where certification is awarded in the second 6 months of the year (i.e. Jan-Jun) a 50% discount will apply to the year’s annual fee.  Certification renewal requires the submission of a continuing professional development diary demonstrating a commitment to professional development.

Annual Certification renewal fee 
Annual renewal fee for Certified Practitioners$440 (inc.GST)

Subscriber Benefits (level A)

  • Access to Competency Assessment Tool
  • Access to SCP Australia website subscription section
  • Free access to SCP Australia newsletter


Certified Practitioner Benefits (level B)

  • All level A benefits plus
  • Certified Practitioner Certificate
  • Personalised certification seal
  • Personal listing on the SCP Australia certified practitioners webpages
  • Networking events with other certified practitioners
  • Discounts on SCP Australia affiliated seminars,forums, workshops and conferences


All figures are $A dollars and are gst inclusive.