Client reports

Client Reports

A minimum of 2 client reports are required, which you have selected to best illustrate your competence and which complement the information provided as part of your application.

Ideally the reports you provide should be written principally by you however if this is not possible, please provide a clear statement regarding which sections of reports are attributable to you. The client reports you select must demonstrate competence in report writing itself as well as providing objective evidence of your technical competence.

You are required to seek the client’s permission prior to submitting their report as part of the assessment process. The reports will be treated as strictly confidential to the assessment process.

Other Reports

Some intending applicants may not be able to provide client reports, possibly due to the unwillingness of their employers or clients to release reports or because their current position does not require issue of client reports (eg employed by a regulator agency). In these instances please provide a brief explanation of your situation and the factors preventing access to client reports. Please provide at least 2 relevant studies or reports which can demonstrate your technical competence, ability to construct logical and clear analysis of contaminated site issues and recommendations, together with demonstration of your written communication skills.
The reports or studies should be substantial and should provide evidence equivalent to the expectations of client reports and should have been completed within the two years prior to your application. As required for client reports, if others have contributed to the report or study please provide a clear statement regarding which sections are attributable to you.
Notes taken of reports you have previously reviewed are in themselves not acceptable, and the reports need to be substantial to be able to demonstrate your writing abilities and technical knowledge.

Confirmation of authorship

If it is not clear you are the primary author of the client report or supporting document you will need to furnish evidence of your contribution to the documents. This can be done by way of a written statement from referees or principal authors cited in the report stating your contribution to the document.