Referee statements of support

Your application needs to be supported by a minimum of two (2) referees who will provide statements of support.  Your selection of appropriate referees should be in accordance with the guidance below.

Referee selection

The following requirements should be considered when selecting your referees:

  • Referees should be willing to participate in this process by providing a statement of support to the assessors in a timely manner and by responding to any further requests for information from the assessors, if appropriate.
  • Referees should have direct and recent knowledge of your activities in site assessment, management and remediation to be able to verify your competency statements.
  • Referees should possess appropriate competencies themselves to be in a position to verify your competencies. Ideally they would have broad experience as a practitioner in the field of site contamination for more than 10 years and possess a degree in science or engineering.
  • A senior manager from your current employer may be an appropriate referee but at least one of your referees should be independent of your current employer.
  • Senior technical staff in industry or client organisations may also be suitable referees provided they have appropriate and relevant competencies.
  • You may nominate more than 2 referees where this is required to provide verification of your competency statement evidence and / or role statements.


Provide your completed competency assessment tool report, professional experience statement, and competency statement, to your referees; along with the Referee Statement of Support Form, for them to review and verify the competency statements, role statements and assessments you have made.