How many auditors in Australia?

How many auditors in Australia?

There were a total of 108 individuals accredited as environmental (contaminated site) auditors in five Australian states on August 30, 2016. Victoria had the highest number of accredited environmental auditors followed by New South Wales and then Western Australia. This information was sourced from EPA websites (NSW, VIC, WA, SA & QLD). These 108 individuals made up 178 accredited persons across five states- indicating many were accredited in more than one state.



Approximately 45% of accredited environmental (contaminated site) auditors are accredited in more than one jurisdiction. In total 59 accredited environmental auditors were accredited only one state, and there were no accredited environmental auditors accredited in all states (ie 5 states).


One third (35%) of all accredited environmental auditors are accredited with SCP Australia. While there is no requirement for accredited environmental auditors to undertake SCP Australia certification as the certification is designed to augment the auditor scheme, the support from the auditor community plays an integral role in maintaining the benchmark standards of the scheme.




There is an even spread of expertise across jurisdictions when considering accredited environmental auditors who are involved with SCP Australia. This is important as accredited environmental auditors participate in the assessment process of recommending contaminated site practitioners for certification.




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