Preparing an SCP Australia certification application

Preparing an SCP Australia certification application

Short video (5:08 ) providing an overview of requirements for certification including tips on preparing competency statements and preparing for interview.

Preparing an SCP Australia certification application

My name is Paul Saeki and in this short video I am talking about preparing an SCP Australia application for certification.
SCP Australia certification is an accreditation designed specifically for contaminated site practitioners.
By practitioners we mean contaminated site professionals who are able to conduct the full scope of assessment, management and remediation of a contaminated site to a satisfactory level of competence.

The most important aspect of preparing an application is ensuring you are eligible;

You will need;

  • 5 years full time professional practice in contaminated sites
  • 3 years of which must be in roles with direct responsibility for the assessment, management and remediation of contaminated sites
  • Must be within last 10 years
  • Along with either undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications in a related science or engineering discipline.

Intending applicants with different qualifications are encouraged to contact SCP Australia to get further feedback.

You will also need to prepare supporting documentation including;

  • A completed Continuing Professional Development Diary, requiring 50 hours of CPD activities
  • Two referee statements
  • At least two clients reports or other documents which are attributable to you which provide an example of your technical knowledge and writing.
  • A copy of your qualifications
  • A copy of the self-assessment tool

Applicants are expected to prepare competency statements which outline the technical knowledge and experience within the context of the six SCP Australia competencies.

Competency statements represent the core of the application.

Each of the six competency statements should be no longer than 2,000 words.

Competency statements should address each competency and where possible each competency sub-element

Assessors should be able to read the statements for each of the 6 competency elements and answer the question “has the applicant provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate that they are practicing at the required level of competence in this element?”
Each competency statement should address these requirements

• Provide examples of Personal competency. Clearly describe the actions and decisions which are due to your personal efforts.
Where you have worked as a team member, ensure your statement claims only actions and decisions which are attributable to your efforts within the team.

• use Verifiable evidence. The statement should describe actual actions and decisions which are attributable to you.
Include descriptions of how you undertook specific tasks or the process used to arrive at a specific decision, as well as the outcome.

• provide a Variety of evidence. Show that you are able to apply your competence in a range of situations and for a variety of contaminants.
As a guide, each competency element should be demonstrated in at least 3 unique situations.

• show Leadership in your examples. Highlight the evidence which demonstrates your leadership roles in support of the requirement to demonstrate direct responsibility for recommendations or actions dealing with contaminated sites, for at least 3 years.
This should be consistent with the details provided in your professional practice statement.

Here are some tips from previous successful applicants

Give yourself plenty of time- applicants may spend up to 40 to 50 hours preparing an application

Use the competency assessment tool to hone in on your weak areas- use it multiple times

Do not just regurgitate the NEPM or standards, use examples from your working career to highlight instances where you have demonstrated application of NEPM or other standards

Link your statements and examples back to some of your client reports or other reports and supporting documentation where possible.

Tips on preparing for the interview
The interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your technical knowledge and experience and how you might apply them to a case study
Think about a conceptual site model when considering the case study
Behave in the interview as you would with a client explaining how you might conduct a site assessment, management or remediation, and provide reasons for your actions or considerations

For more information about preparing an application please visit the SCP Australia website. We also have interviews with successful applicants who provide feedback on their experience. Alternately, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone if you have any questions.