Renew Certification

If you have previously been endorsed for certification by the SCP Australia National Executive Committee and seek to renew your certification for the coming year, you will be required to upload a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Diary demonstrating at least 50 hours of CPD activities related to the SCP Australia competencies over the last twelve months.

A copy of the CPD Diary can be downloaded from here.

For those who have been certified for less than twelve months, you can update your CPD diaries which can be accessed through the dropbox window. You will need to log in to bring up all of the documents you have previously uploaded to SCP Australia.

Should you have any questions, please email: 

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Terms of Submission

I hereby apply to renew my certification with Site Contamination Practitioners Australia (SCP Australia).

I confirm that all attached information supporting my renewal are a truthful representation attributable to me.

I have read and will adhere to SCP Australia’s ethical and professional practice policy during the term of my certification.

Check here to accept these terms.

Please ensure you have added your updated CPD Diary in the Dropbox location below