What is SCP Australia certification?

What is SCP Australia certification?

Short video (2:10) explaining the purpose and objectives of the scheme, touching on the six competencies and the Certified Practitioner: Site Assessment and Management.

What is SCP Australia certification?

My name is Paul Saeki and in this short video I am talking about SCP Australia certification.

SCP Australia certification recognises the technical knowledge and skills of contaminated site practitioners against a standard benchmark of competencies. By practitioners we mean contaminated site professionals who are able to conduct the full scope of assessment, management and remediation of a contaminated site to a satisfactory level of competence.
Certification provides an assurance of a standard quality of work for end users and regulators, and also provides career and professional development pathways for practitioners.

A SCP Australia certified practitioner demonstrates technical knowledge and experience in six key competencies which are;

  1. The nature, causes and significance of site contamination
  2. Preliminary site assessment of contamination
  3. Detailed site assessment involving the characterisation of contamination
  4. Risk assessment of site contamination
  5. Remediation and management approaches
  6. Professional practice relevant to consulting on contaminated site issues.

These six key competencies were developed after two years consultation with regulators, industry and consultants and represent a widely acceptable standard benchmark.
Applicants who successfully meet the criterion for SCP Australia certification are awarded the title:

Certified Practitioner: Site Assessment and Management,

Abbreviated as CP SAM they are provided with a unique certification number and seal with their name.

You can find an SCP Australia certified practitioner by going to the SCP Australia website and clicking on the Directory link.